Wednesday, 13 January 2016


With the goal in mind to be healthier this year, I was given the Severin Fit for Fun smoothie maker for Christmas from my mom. It is almost similar to the NutriBullet but half the price. It comes with 2 bottles. Any way I created this smoothie from fruit and coconut water and to be just a little bit rebellious (because I don't eat yogurt) I added ice cream. 


* 1 Mango (Chopped into squares)
* 2 Plums (Chopped into squares)
* 1 cup cubed watermelon
* 1 can of Coconut water
* 2 tablespoons of Ice cream


* Prepare all the ingredients. To load the container, start with the chunkiest fruit working your way to the softest fruit. This way your blender doesn't get hurt.

* Right on top add your ice cream. Then add your coconut water, filling up the remaining space in the container.

* What I love about the Fit for Fun Smoothie Maker is that there is no buttons. All you do is put on the blade lid and attach it to the machine and push down. This then activates the blades to start pulsing. 

* You can either serve it in a glass once done or you can screw on the other lid and you are ready to go. 

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I hope you enjoy making this smoothie. If you have any other smoothie recipes for me to try, leave a comment down below. 
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