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This is a new feature I'm bring to the blog. I have been studying Interior Design and have always wanted to bring an element of this into the blog, but just couldn't find the right angle. I have decided to do a "get the look" style post. I will explain the style and why I love it and how to achieve the look. I will include place to get all the furniture and decor items. I hope you enjoy this new feature.

Cozy neutrals, my absolute favorite way to style a lounge or tv area. Cozy and comfy, yet elegant and classic. This specific look creates a calming atmosphere, exactly what you want after a long day at work. Also perfect for movie night and cuddling in winter.

To create a lounge or TV area like this you will have to start with the bare canvas of the area. We don't want any accent walls or basically any color on the walls. The only color we will get is from the floors. By choosing this neutral palette, you give attention to one focal point. Like for instance the floor or maybe the area has a beautiful fireplace. All the walls will be painted white and the ceiling as well.

Choosing furniture for this look is something of a personal choice. I love a comfy couch with a large coffee table, but others might prefer something a little more structured. Go with what feels right to you. Remember to choose a durable fabric in a natural color. Think thick upholstery material or suede. Choosing either a coffee table or an entertainment unit for this look, you will need to go for something minimalist. Something that has structure without the trendy bits. Think IKEA classics. 

Every lounge area needs a rug. This is what grounds a whole look. For this look you want something fluffy and soft under foot. There are many different types of rugs but the best for this look is either a cotton mingle shaggy or poly blend shaggy rug. Granted these are not cheap but they will last you a long time. Always remember to choose quality above price. You want a rug that is durable. 

Curtains, cause we don't want anyone looking at us, right? My choice of curtain here would be a fabric that is soft and sweeping but this a lining. Think voile or chiffon. If you rather just want the unlined curtains, install white Venetian blinds. They also help to block out the sun without having to close the curtains.

On to decor, my favorite part of the whole look. We want to create a soft, cozy atmosphere and the way to do that is with candles. Now days you get all different types of candles from the pillar candles to the ever famous Yankee candle. With this look you can go wild. Bunch them together and place them on the coffee table and the window sill. Remember to either place them in holders or on trays.

Every cozy lounge needs a cozy throw. Choose from faux fur throw or a chenille throw. The more throws the merrier. Also don't forget the pillows. There are so many different types to choose from. Remember to stick in the color palette although you can go for darker shades like navy blues and purples.

Plants, like an orchid, add a touch of elegance to a room. Although if you are like me and manage to kill a cacti, rather opt for a faux orchid or plant. Just remember that the goal of this room is for it to be cozy. 

Here is a list of the things I would definitely recommend for this look. 

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1. Hawaii Extra Deep 3 Seater Sofa | @Home | R 14999.00
2. Puck TV Table White | @Home | R 3999.00
3. Woven Diamond Scatter Cushion | Mr Price Home | R 159.99
4. Mircofibre Cuba Scatter Cushion | Mr Price Home | R 49.99
5. Potted Orchid 3 Stem | @Home | R 1199.00
6. Votile Holder Latice Print Glass Set of 3 | @Home | R 79.00
7. Grace Arctic Dear Faux Fur Throw | @Home | R 2999.00
8. Pillar Candle Ombre | @Home | R 99.00
9. Lantern Silver Metal and Glass | @Home | R 210.00
10. Bronze Pillar Candle | @Home | R 69.00
11. Hurricane Criss-Cross Metal Brass Candle Holder | @Home | R 299.00
12. Jar Candle Enjoy Print | @Home | R 69.00
13. Tray Low Frame Metal and Glass | @Home | R 189.00
14. Scent Diffuser Soft Cotton Blue | @Home | R 169.00
15. Samba Shaggy Silver Carpet | @Home | R 3099.00

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