Wednesday, 20 January 2016


With a little boy in the house who's toys take over everything, I love taking ordinary items and giving them a little pizzazz. I have always loved fridge magnets and it is a way to teach little ones words while they are playing. So I thought why not jazz them up with some metallic paint.

What you will need

* Fridge Magnets (Bought mine from Plastic Warehouse)
* Spray Paint (Gold, Silver or Copper)
* Plastic Primer Spray
* Newspaper


* You will need to work in a well ventilated area. So outside preferably. Then lay out your news paper to cover a wide area.

* The first attempt with this, I didn't use primer and within a week the paint was chipping. So always start with a primer. Spray one even coat and let it dry completely.

* Starting with the spray paint, always spray in light even coats and wait 10 minutes before applying the next. Get into all the curves of the magnets.

* Once you have an even coat leave to dry over night. In the morning they are good to go. Place them on the fridge and have fun. 

I hope you try this revamp. Remember you can do this with any item in your home from vases to bowls. 

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