Monday, 1 February 2016


Catrice has always been known to release stunning collections and this one is definitely no exception. A range of perfect reds to suit any skin tone and any women. The collection consists of nail glaze, lipsticks and lipglosses. With three different shades for each product, you know you are bound to find the correct shade. When I saw the products at Dischem, I faced a daunting task of choosing the right colour. I chose to go with the pinky reds rather than full on reds, which I seriously can not pull off.

I bought the lipstick and the nail glaze and went to work testing them out. Although I didn't like the nail glaze that much, I really like the lipstick. Let's have an in depth look at the products I bought and my thoughts on each one.

Nail Glaze 

Catrice has created a two step nail glaze consisting of a base coat in silver and a top glaze in one of three stunning reds. These two colours can be used individually or when used together create a stunning glazed effect almost similar to the China glaze. When I first tried out the nail glaze I have to admit that I didn't like it. The silver seemed to make bubbles and once fully applied with the top colour, it seemed to chip easily. 

On second application, and applied with a clear base coat, the glaze definitely seemed to last longer. While the silver still made bubbles on certain fingers, the glaze colour looked fantastic. The colour I bought is C03 Pleasure of Temptation, and is like a candy cherry colour. It is very girly and almost looks good enough to eat. 

I have to admit that I definitely am one for bright colours, rather sticking to soft pinks and neutral colours when it comes to nail polish, but this is one I will use again. I would also recommend using to layers of the silver base coat and then two layers of the glaze. I am going to try applying the glaze over a white base coat to see the effect.

Excuse the sorry state of my nails, but the middle finger has the silver base coat and a layer of glaze. The pointing finger has just the glaze and the ring finger has the silver base coat.

Matt Lipstick

As you may have read in previous posts I am not a fan of lipstick, not to talk about red lipstick. So when I saw the range of colours I was a little stuck. Choosing the right shade is terrifying but using the knowledge of choosing based on your skin tone help me decided on a lipstick with blue undertones. I chose the C03-M Attempt to Conquest, which is a pinky red shade with blue undertones and that isn't too much of a fiery red. 

For someone who doesn't wear lipstick, this is amazing. The formulation is velvety and goes on matt without drying your lips. It has an amazing colour payoff and lasted the whole day. I admit I did continuously check my lips to see if it had faded in any way but it never moved. I also adore the packaging, which look extra luxurious. 

This collection is absolutely stunning and I would definitely reccommend it to every one who loves red. You can purchase the collection from Dischem stores nationwide. The nail glaze is R 89.95 and the lipstick is also R 89.95. Remember to try out the other products in the collection, the gloss is R 69.95 and the lip care is R 69.95.

Have you tried this range from Catrice? I would love to know your thought, so let me know in the comments below. 

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