Monday, 22 February 2016


We have all had the same accident. You're applying a beautiful bronzer and somehow your hand let's the product slip. In your mind you are hoping that the floor is a soft cushion and that your bronzer won't break, but you know the inevitable is about to happen. Your once perfect product is lying on the floor broken into a million pieces. Your heart is broken and you know this is the worst thing ever. But have no fear as I have a great solution that is going to fix your precious product so you won't need to throw it away.

What you will need

* Broken powder beauty products
* 90% Rubbing Alcohol
* Teaspoon


* Lay the product out on a clean work surface. Make sure the surface is clean as you don't want germs in your product.

* With your teaspoon you are going to further break the product into a fine powder. This is heartbreaking but believe me you need to do this.

* For each product you will only need a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. If the product is larger maybe half a teaspoon more. You will now throw this into the broken powder and with your spoon mix it up so the product is saturated. 

* Then with the back of your spoon you will flatten the paste you have made. You can also use a palette knife to achieve a smooth surface. Remember you won't get it as smooth as when you bought it but you will have your favorite product back.

* You will now leave it till it is completely dry. This takes up to 24 hours. Once it is dry you can use your favorite product again.

Will you try this out? Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments below if you believe this is a great way to fix broken powder beauty products.

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