Monday, 15 February 2016


Gosh, Velvet, Touch, Lipstick, Matt
If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I am not a fan of lipsticks, at all. I'm not the girl with thousands of MAC lipsticks but I have to admit that after trying this Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick, my mind might just be swayed. 

I have always been a no lipstick person. I would rather go for a lip balm or sometimes a gloss. So when I received this lipstick from Gosh, I was a little skeptical. I thought about giving it to my mom to try out because she loves red lipsticks, but then I thought why not give it a shot. Can't do much harm. I used it in my Valentine's Day look and was pleasantly surprised. 

When you hear matt lipsticks you automatically think drying and flaking but none of that from this gem. The product is creamy and soft to the touch. This is because it contains natural waxes and hyaluronic acids to moisture and smooth the lips all day. The hyaluronic microspheres also fill in deep wrinkles so your lips will look amazing. 

Gosh, Velvet, Touch, Lipstick, Matt
The range comes in 8 different colours all influenced by bohemian trends which are right on par for Autumn/Winter 2016. Imagine handcrafted motifs and patterns, and original artworks with jewel tones. From nudes like 001 Matt Baby Lips to the vampy 008 Matt Plum. There is a wide selection to choose from so you can be sure they have a colour for you. 

I absolutely love this lipstick and am definitely going to go an purchase a few more colours from the range. What I love about it the most is that it is long wearing. I didn't have to reapply it continuously but rather maybe once after I had eaten. It also smoothed out my lips and wasn't drying at all. I obviously had to adjust to the colour as I am not used to wearing such a bold colour but it is definitely an amazing product. 

Gosh, Velvet, Touch, Lipstick, Matt
You can purchase the Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt from Edgars and Red Square stores nationwide for R 125.00

Have you tried this lipstick? Or like me are you a bit to afraid to go for the bold statement lipsticks? Why not leave me a comment below! 
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