Wednesday, 10 February 2016


I have been single for going on 7 years (I know shock right!) but I am fussy and if I have to be honest I am terribly scared to get into a relationship. Anyway that is a topic for another day. Being single for so long, I know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on my own. I don’t need a man to buy me chocolates and flower, hell I can do that by myself. Seeing as though Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday I thought I would make a list of all the things you can do by yourself. Ways you can pamper and spend time with yourself.

Starting the day

When you wake up, run yourself a hot bath adding a lush bath bomb, and relax in the bath. Shave and exfoliate your whole body. When you get out your bath, lavish your body in a beautiful body butter and apply a stunning makeup look. Do your hair and spray your favorite perfume.

Take yourself out for breakfast

Once you look like a million bucks, go for breakfast at your favorite breakfast spot. Order anything you want from the menu. Hell if you want to order the most lavish item from the menu go ahead. Order your favorite cup of coffee or go ahead and order a glass of champagne. This is your day so you can have anything on the menu.

Book a day at the spa

It doesn’t have to be a whole day, but you can book a massage, manicure or pedicure. Let the hands of the experts work away all the stress you may have. When you decide on colours for your manicure, choose a colour you wouldn’t really go for.  A bright purple or full glitter. Do the same with your toes.

Enjoy a late lunch with some shopping

After you beauty treatments, go have some retail therapy, followed by a late lunch. Wonder into your favorite boutiques and try on a few pieces. If you see something you love buy it. Why not also buy yourself a beautiful Pandora charm to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day alone. It is something to be celebrated after all. Then enjoy a late lunch at a cafe. Again go ahead and order your favorite meal. Order the wine and the caviar.

Go watch your favorite movie

While you are at the mall, why not catch a movie. I know it will probably be full of lovely dovey couples but rather than catching a romcom, why not rather watch a comedy. Because we are breaking all the diet rules today, buy yourself the popcorn and the whispers.

Another way you could enjoy this is by getting all your single girlfriends together and spend the time together. You could also spend the whole day at a spa together. Why not check out Copperleaf Spa in Zwartkops, the 12 Apostles Spa in Cape Town or The spa at the Oyster box in Durban North.

Remember spending time with yourself is great for the soul. It teaches you to value your own company and it also teaches you to love yourself. You don’t need a man to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Buy yourself flowers and remember that you are beautiful and if a guy doesn’t see it, that’s his problem!

Happy Valentine’s Day loves. 

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