Monday, 21 March 2016


Robbie loves cupcakes, so for Easter this year I decided to bake little Easter cupcakes. I gave them a girly feel with a slight pink colour and the pearly bits. As stated in my previous post about the St. Patrick's Day cupcakes, I love using the Snowflake EasyMix packets. I baked these cupcakes at the same time, so some of the pictures might look the same. 


* Snowflake Easy Mix Cupcake Mix
* 4 Large Eggs
* 400 ml Milk
* 250 ml Oil
* Pre-Made Frosting (Spar)
* Edible Pearls
* Speckled Eggs
* Pink Food Coloring


* Make the cupcake mixture according to the packet. Adding 4 eggs to 400 ml milk and 250 ml oil. Mix to combine then add to the dry mixture.

* Add a drop of pink food coloring to the mixture. This will give the batter a light pink hue and once cooked an almost rose gold color.

* Bake in a preheated oven of 180 degrees C, for 15 minutes.

* Once baked, let the cupcakes cool till totally cooled. 

* To decorate, I use pre-made frosting, and apply with a palette knife. I love the rustic feel of applying the icing like that. 

* Once you have iced all the cupcakes, add a few pearls to each cupcake. You can be symetrical or asymetrical as you like. 

* You will then add the speckled eggs. I used three but you can use as many as you like. 

* Chill so the icing hardens and keeps the eggs in place. Then serve and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy making these cupcakes. If you have made them, please let me know if you like them in the comments below. 

Happy Easter! 
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