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No doubt about it, 2015/2016 is all about the brows. From Lily Collins to Cara Delevingne brows have been a hot commodity. And rightly so. Brows can make or break a look. Not filling them in will make you makeup look incomplete. Every makeup counter has a line of products specifically designed for brows and honestly some of them are pretty great.

I have been a fan of Essense Brow Powder for years. On the more expensive side, if I could have one brow product/s, I would love the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz and Definer. But international shipping is expensive so I went on the hunt to find the best here in SA.

Snooping around Dischem I found Eylure Brow products and boy have I been impressed. They have a range of brow products, brow stencils, brow tint, brow pencils and the list continues. Everything you could need for your brows. And so affordable. I choose the brow pencil, the brow ink, the brow palette and the brow nourishing oil. This way I could choose a different product for which ever way I wanted to do my brows. The color products come in three different shades, blonde, mid brown and dark brown. 

Nourishing Brow Oil

If you have over plucked your brows in the past and want to grow them back, this is the perfect product for you. With a combination of nourishing oils, this little gem helps the hairs grow back. My brows were really sparse and since using this my brows are fuller and thicker. I apply this baby every night before I go to sleep. 
With a combination of sweet almond oil, argan oil and rosemary oil, your brows are in good hands. All three oils are known for their regrowth properties and will help your hairs grow back stronger and healthier. Argan oil is nourishing and the rosemary oil helps with free radical damage caused by the sun because even your brows can get sun damaged like your hair.

The oil comes in a handy roll-on bottle and is super easy to apply. Available at Dischem for R 95.00 

Brow Ink

I have been using powder and sometimes pencil brow products for years, so when I saw this basically koki tipped pen, I was very skeptical. Imagine using a koki to draw on your brows? I had flashes of bad drag makeup flashed before my eyes. But this product is ingenious. With a semi-permanent fluid and two different tips, you can create the finest of brow hairs.

This product is great for someone who doesn't like the fuller look of a pencil or powder, as you can take your time and draw in individual hairs. If you are going for a natural look, I would suggest getting the mid brown and dark brown colors (for dark hair) and the blond and mid brown (for lighter hair) and then using them together to create a perfectly neutral brow. 

The semi-permanent ink last the whole day, but comes off super easily with makeup remover. Available at Dischem for  R 95.00

Brow Pencil

If you are too scared to try the semi-permanent brow ink, I would definitely suggest the brow pencil. The formulation is stunning. Not too hard and also not too soft. It glides on easily to create perfect brow "hairs" with ease. There is also no smudging so no harsh pencil lines. 

The pencil comes with a handy spoolie on the end to help brush brows into position thus helping you fill in and create the perfect brow. This pencil comes in four colors, blonde, mid brown, dark brown and black. So there is definitely a color to suit anyone. 

These stunning pencils are available from Dischem for R 95.00

Brow Palette

This is my all time favorite product from the whole range. It has a gel, a powder and a highlighter. The gel sculpts the hairs into place with ease. Then you add the powder color to fill in the sparse areas and then you use the highlighter to highlight underneath the brow giving you amazing definition.

The colors work so well together. I initially chose the dark brown palette because the dark brown pencil works so well with my brows, but it is really dark. Even with the lightest hand I battled to make it work. Nothing to do with the formulation of the product though. I would suggest you take a lighter shade to the natural color of your brows.

The gel isn't heavy and definitely doesn't set hard but still keeps the hairs in place all day. The powder is sublime. It is really pigmented and also adheres to the skin to help keep it in place all day. And even though the highlighter may seem yellow based, it creates just the right amount of highlight. Plus it is really matte.

You can get this baby from Dischem for R 145.00

This is how my brows look filled in with the palette. I would recommend you get yourself to Dischem ASAP and check out these amazing brow products! All the products are super affordable but will definitely give you the professional brows you are looking for!

Sorry for the crappy picture.... Will update better one soon.

Have you tried any of the Eylure Brow Products? What do you think of them?  Let me know in the comments below. 
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