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Prior to this, I have never used a Vichy product in my life. I had seen other bloggers like LeChelle from Taylor Made, rave about these product but I was just to scared to move out of my comfort zone. You know how it goes, I thought I didn't need a serum but boy was I wrong. I received this amazing product from Beauty Bulletin and they have converted me for life.

As with all new products you buy, you first do a little research into the product and the ingredients. Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Supreme is infused with Rhamnose, 10% to be factual. What is Rhamnose you ask? Rhamnose is a natural sugar isolated from Buckthorne and poison sumac. This ingredient targets the papillary dermis (found under the dermo-epidermis) which is where the collagen making cells are. Thus this miracle ingredient targets these cells which in turn help to promote more collagen production, helping with fine lines and wrinkles and also makes skin plumper and smoother.

The Vichy LiftActiv Serum also contains fragments of hyaluronic acid, which let me tell you is the best ingredient to help retain moisture and leave skin looking more hydrated and glowing. 

Other than plump and firm lines what else does this product do, I hear you ask? Vichy claims that it will correct 10 signs of aging:

* Wrinkles
* Uneven Complexion
* Loss of Firmness
* Loss of Plumpness
* Fine lines
* Loss of tonicity
* Dull complexion
* Signs of Fatique
* Tired Features
* Dehydrated skin

That is a lot of things this little bottle of serum claims it can improve. I have to vouch that this serum does exactly what it say it will do. After using the serum for the first day, my skin felt smoother (kinda like velvet), the lines appeared a little less and my complexion was brighter.

By day 10 by skin felt tighter and plumper. I never thought my skin was dehydrated but I was clearly wrong as it soaked up all the hyaluronic acid and left my skin feeling more nourished and comfortable.

Going on nearly a month, my skin is in better condition than it has ever been. I have seen a huge improvement in the fine lines around my eyes. My skin is clearer, the sun spots and pigmentation has started to fade and my skin feels so nourished. Where my skin always looked tired and rundown, I now have brighter and more vibrant looking skin. 

This is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone who is seeing the effects of our harsh environment. Believe me, you might not think your skin is dehydrated but after using this serum you will know that it definitely is. This serum is also great for anyone who is concerned with fine lines and wants to prevent them before they become real problem. 

The serum is light to the touch and feels even lighter on the skin. The milky consistancy is like velvet and smells absolutely amazing. It definitely doesn't smell like some of the other products that are on the market and that is what really draws me to this product too.

You can purchase the whole Vichy range from Dischem stores nationwide as well as on the Red Square website. Prices range from R 249 to R 700. I am running out as we speak to go and invest in more Vichy products.

Have you tried the Vichy range? What did you like about the products? I would love to know in the comments below. 

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