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By now you should know that I absolutely love my makeup brushes. I love how they transform the way you apply your makeup. There are so many great makeup brush brands, although many of them have to be bought from overseas. But I have so great news. Gosh has launch a new set of makeup brushes all made from synthetic bristles. I was super excited when I received this in a press drop from them. 

So what makes a good brush? There are many factors that effect if I will purchase a brush. When I go into a shop to buy brushes, I like to play with them for a bit. I feel if the handle is sturdy. Is it properly connected to the ferrule? I like to swirl the brush in the palm of my hand to see if there is any fallout. You definitely don't want any loose hairs on your face when applying makeup and lastly I test to see how soft the brush is. 

The Gosh Kabuki Brush 001 (R 240)

I love kabuki brushes. I feel like they are great to apply bronzer all over the face so I was super happy when I saw this in the drop. This brush is not too densely packed but still doesn't flare out when used, like some other brushes. It is soft to the touch and applies the bronzer stunningly, giving you a goddess like look. 

The Gosh Foundation Brush 011 (R 240)

Honestly I'm not one to use a flat foundation brush to apply my foundation, as I feel it applies a heavy foundation and I don't like that at all. So I have found another use for my Gosh foundation brush. I like to use a mask every week and I now use my foundation brush to apply an even layer of the mask all over my face. It is also great for applying peel off masks. No uneven layers as this brush gives you a thin application and the mask will dry easier. The bristles are soft and no fallout. The birch wood handle is also solidly glued to the ferrule. 

The Gosh Powder Brush 003 (R 240)

This will be the 5th powder brush in my makeup kit, so what makes it so unique? It is all about the softness. There honestly isn't a softer brush to apply all over powder to your face. It picks up just the right amount of product and seamlessly blends it into you face. I keep reaching for this baby every time I have to powder my face. I highly recommend this brush if you are looking for a powder brush!

The Gosh Blush Brush 009 (R 170)

This blush brush is just as soft as the other brushes in the collection. It again picks up just the right amount of colour and blend the blush effortlessly into your skin. After using these brushes for about a month, I did notice a little bit of fallout from the blush brush. I honestly hope it was just a one time thing as I love theses brushes so much!

Do I love these brushes? Hell yeah. They are affordable and cruelty free. They are super soft to the touch and apply makeup with ease. I would recommend them to anyone who is either starting out with makeup or someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on brushes just yet.

Have you tried the Gosh Synthetic brushes? What did you think of them? I would love to know your opinions, so why not leave me a comment below!

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