Friday, 8 April 2016


There isn't one product that can give your eye more definition than an eyeliner. Now whether you like the sharp cat eye or you like the smudged out look (I'm all for this one), there is an eyeliner pencil or pen out there for you. Today I'm focusing on the sensational Gosh Velvet touch eyeliner pencils. I received these two babies for Gosh and will never buy another eyeliner pencil again. Here's why:

When I go searching for eyeliner pencils, I have a certain criteria that I look for. It must be blendable, waterproof, they must come in a range of colors and the biggest one is that it mustn't be one of those turn up pencils. I absolutely despise those types of pencils. I want one that I can sharpen. 

I need them blendable because I like to smudge my eyeliner out. I don't like the solid line as I never get it right on myself and I honestly rather like the smudged out look. I need them waterproof because my eyes get watery so quickly. I definitely don't want the eyeliner all over my eyes. Being waterproof I also don't have to set it with eyeshadow. Also I love a wide range of colors. Being able to take a normal day look to another level with a colored eyeliner is amazing. 

These Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner's tick every single box. They are semi-permanent and waterproof, so no setting with eyeshadow and no running down my face. They are super pigmented and come in a range of colors but what I truly love about these pencils are the fact that they have Vitamin E and Jojoba oil in them. Now because you are putting this so close to your lash line, the Vitamin E will help naturally thicken your lashes and the Jojoba oil will help them grow longer. Hidden benefits in your eyeliner, I would say that is a win. 

Lets look at the different colours that I received. First up is the great all rounder, Metallic Brass. If you don't like the harshness of a solid black line, then this is definitely the perfect color for you. It's dark but with the gold flecks in, gives your eyes that subtle hint of shimmer. 

Next up is the fun, I see you, which is a teal colored pencil. It is great if you want to add a splash of color to your eye makeup, without going full blue with the eyeshadow. Use it in the bottom waterline or smudge it over your top eyelid with a natural eye makeup look. This teal also has touches of glitter in to give you a faint shimmer. 

These beautiful pencils are available from Edgars stores nationwide for R 99.00. Which is a steel in my eyes! You can find the whole Gosh collection at Edgars too. Definitely go and have a look. 

Have you used or tried these Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliners? Or do you know of one that I should try? Let me know in the comments below your thoughts and if you liked them. 
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