Monday, 9 May 2016


big 5 makeup products
In Africa we have the big 5 animals. They are our precious wildlife animals and protected. I also have a big 5 of makeup that are precious to me and I love them to bits. No matter how many different products I buy, I always come back to these 5 products. They are the simplest of products but my face feels bare without them. 

1. Inglot Eyeshadow Palette

I have a lot of different eyeshadows, from Stila, Catrice, Rimmel, but I keep coming back to my Inglot shadows. They are super pigmented and lasts the whole day. There is also no fallout and the best of all is that they come in a wide variety of colours. The freedom palette is also great for people who (like me) like to make their own palettes. Inglot is available from its stand alone stores and Edgars stores nationwide. 

2. Smashbox 24hr Shadow Primer

If  you have oily eyelids like mine, then you will know investing in a eyeshadow primer is a necessity. I have found one that beats all others. The Smashbox 24hr shadow primer keeps my eyeshadow in place the whole day without any creasing. I can't do my makeup without this baby. Available from Smashbox counters nationwide. 

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

You will know I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara, and although I have tried numerous mascara's, there is always only one that works for me. The Maybelline Lash Sensational has been a staple in my makeup routine since the day I bought it. And I know every other makeup artist and guru agrees. Available from Maybelline shelves nationwide. 

4. Eylure Brow Palette

Having the perfect brows is a hot commodity at the moment, thanks to the likes of Cara and Lily. I have tried many different brow products, but none compare to the Eylure brow palette. Ok well maybe the Eylure Brow pencil and Brow ink, come a close second. This palette has a gel, powder and highlighter to achieve the perfect brows. Available from Dischem stores nationwide.

5. NYX Illuminator

I suck at remembering to apply highlighter, but after purchasing this baby, it is all I can think about. My obsession with this product is so bad, I want to apply it all over my face. Highlighting to the extreme. It gives off a soft gold sheen and makes the skin look radiant. Available from NYX shelves at Clicks nationwide.

big 5 makeup products
Do you have 5 products that you would be able to call your big 5? I would love to know your's so I can go and check them out. Leave your list in the comments below!

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