As a blog that does reviews and sometimes sponsored posts, I would like to explain a few things.

* All reviews posted on the blog are my own honest opinions in relation to the product/s I have tested. Please keep in mind that everyone's skin is different and products may work differently on your skin. My views are based on my skin tone.

* If it is a sponsored post (meaning I will get paid by the brand to do the post) I will indicate it at the top of the post. Please also note, that although the post is sponsored, I will still give my honest opinion and will not publish a post unless I am truly happy with a product.

* Most often than not, all products have been bought with my own money, and if I have been sent the product by a company, I will make it clear at the beginning of the post.

* All images on the blog are my own and have been taken by me. Where I have used someone else's photo's, I have gotten permission to do so and will give the original owner credit and link back to their site.

* If you would like to use any imagery or text from my blog, please contact me. I will not tolerate my work being used without my permission.

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